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Takeshi M.


All his prints are of good quality and well made; they are thought out pieces.  His videos remind me of things made in SOURCE.  They often feel abstract and bazaar until the conclusions.  In his OM Rider video, you can see he puts a lot of effort into the faces and characters being detailed.  Then you go to his Popeye videos and it is the opposite almost, everything is very exaggerated just like the Popeye show, but it is kind of off-putting in a way.  I feel like since I have seen what the original Popeye looks like and how he goes into action the way he is animated in Takeshi’s short films just feels wrong.  I felt disturbed watching them.  It is fun how he twists the story arc of the characters but it still feels wrong in the end.



OM Rider 





Smokey Pretzel:

falling leaves:

Konami Code:

Special thanks to Aaron, Tyler, Atum and the ITCC

Kirsten L.


Kristen does a lot of stop-motion short films.  They are of good quality, even the earlier films she made as an undergrad.  You can see how she improves through the years and how she starts making more and more complicated pieces.  She even did an episode of adventure time in stop motion for cartoon network.  She has a lot of fun films and ideas.  I have seen her work before, some people like to put clips of her work on meme pages.  She has videos describing how she made pieces and the work behind making the stop-motion film.  Her “how-to” films really help people see the amount of effort and time it takes to make a piece and helps people appreciate them more.  I saw the adventure time episode before this and I did not really like the stop-motion in comparison to the rest of the show, but the video she put up about the process made me appreciate it more.  Seeing all the models they made and how each face made was a separate piece was fascinating, I would like to see the models in real life.  I like the episode a lot more now that I have seen the production process.

– follow the links below to see some of her short films.  The links are from her website so the rest of her work is on the left-hand side, click on the titles to view more of her work!





Pipilotti R


Her installations are well thought out and put together nicely.  They are very aesthetically pleasing.  With the usage of lighting, objects, projection, and placement these pieces appeal to the senses, how things feel how textures and or the use of touch are utilized in her videos, and how the objects the audience are to sit on go with the piece and how they make the audience feel.  She has other pieces that deal with feminism and the body, those works are more known and what shapes peoples opinions towards her in a rather different way.  Instead of being known for peaceful aesthetics and video effects she is known for the political side which is feminism.  Those pieces I did not care to look at, as the descriptions of them were pornographic.  I think her projection and installation work that does not include nudity is pleasing and well done.  I do not like the random appearances of genitalia or things of that nature edited in even to like other objects I feel it is not professional nor appropriate.






Jason S.


Jason has intense variety.  He uses the idea of many pictures, objects, and or ideas melding into one, he uses averaging often in his work.  In “The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967 ”  in 1998 he took the graduating photos from a yearbook and applied his own custom averaging process to create one picture, which was the average of the whole graduating class.  He once did an installation where someone would put a video in a made device and the TV would show the average color as the video played.  He takes advantage of color, and everything you can do with it, he has many works that show and use color to show something other than just a hue. In some of his work, it is the absence of color that sets the mood.  He takes advantage of tone and what it can do for a piece.  He has more somber pieces that exhibit bones or breaks in the paintings.  I like the diversity of his work.  Some pieces he posted to his website look like they were made just for fun and not to be taken too seriously, yet other pieces of his work can be heavy hitting and dramatic.  Then he has some nice pieces that are just nice to look at, pieces I could see in a showing with the wealthy browsing around looking for a new centerpiece and so forth.

Kelli C.


Kelli creates impossible situations by taking multiple pictures of herself and photoshopping them to look like one seamless image.  She often creates these pictures by taking on a masculine form (outfit and body language) and a feminine form.  At first, glance, scrolling down her gallery it appears to be a lesbian love story or twincest.  When you realize it is the same person it is not “as” weird, but the pictures are still a little off-putting to me. You can tell she is free-spirited by her stylistic choices.  Her work is meant to speak out and make viewers ask certain questions, but if there was no reason behind her work, no statement or background it could come off as extreme love for one’s self.

 Picnic, 2002

Fun with Scanners


Abstract :  Man in the Darkness

Made by spinning and rotating different glass objects on and above the scanner.

Representational:  PAC-MANISH

No objects are manipulated.  Rectangles are added to make it look like PAC-MAN in game.

original size image:

Wafaa B.


He takes a lot of current events and problems taking place in Iraq and puts them into his work.  He deals with day to day life and the misfortunes of war and controversies.  Once in protest to the war, he confined himself to a small room in a gallery.  While he was confined he could be shot at by a remote-controlled paintball gun, anyone on the internet could shoot him.  This was a statement against the remote-controlled missiles that were being shot at people in Iraq by people who were not in Iraq.  He did this having lost friends and family to war.  He then made a game  Night of Bush Capturing: Virtual Jihadi which is an altered version of Quest for Bush were Waffaa was portrayed as a suicide bomber with Bush as the target.  He did this to open the eyes of many to travesties caused by the war and stereotypes cast on his people.  He even went so far as to conduct a social experiment in New York called Dog or Iraqi, where the people got to choose who was waterboarded, the dog or Wafaa.  They chose Waffa to get waterboarded.  I think his pieces are very thought out and have great personal meaning to him.  It also helps open the eyes of people who are not Iraqi who often stereotype them.  It helps his people to be seen in a different light.  I think some of his pieces are very powerful especially the confinement room and the Dog are Iraqi.



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