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Rashaad N


Most of Rashaad’s work is high quality, time and effort are put into his work as well as thought and influences. I say influences because he puts a lot of his personal cultural aspects into his work.  He likes to put himself, who he is and what has influenced his life into his work which is something that should be highly valued.  Here are some examples where you can clearly see his how his involvement with hip-hop has influenced his work.

Bot all his work is so literal though, as you can see from the next example, he has some more abstract art.

Rashaad has good quality art but sometimes comes off to me as stereotypical a “Garish” and some of his work is borderline pornographic.

One Tool Adventure


Original:  Photoshopped

The first picture is manipulated with the smudge tool.

I used the history brush on the second image.

Lastly, I used the spot healing tool using only patterns.

Red Forest in My Garden:


Time to Wash Grace:


Child Statue:


Sara Ludy


A lot of her work is very modern, other parts of her work also have a psychedelic effect.

She has variety in her work both virtual and physical.  Sara takes some inspiration from the real world and makes it into something in the virtual world. In some of her projection work, she changes plants to look like something new and interesting, most the time you can’t tell that it started out as a plant.  Her work really clicked in my head when I found out she was interested in psychology and the effects hard can have.

I think her projections are really cool, how they envelop the edges of the room to make it appear as if you are somewhere else.

These orbs are soft and soothing while still.  while moving our feelings may change as the loosely transparent shape rotates.


if you go to the link above, you can click on any of the pictures and it will send you to a video of it rotating.

The animation of the orbs rotating is what gives them that psychedelic effect.


This is a video (above) and the best way to describe it is modern-psychedelic.  Sara also made a video names dream house, it’s a really modern, but in the video there is a sound that just plays throughout the whole video like harsh cold air, and the longer the video plays the more it feels like this came out of a nightmare of a dream, it cold, dim, and the objects within when zoomed upon feel like they are staring at you, trying to take you.





Nam June Paik


He is considered the father of video art. He uses technology to make art, and the further you look the better it gets. he has created many different and unique pieces.  This creative art style started after he went to Germany. Looking at his art the fact that he went to school in Germany for the arts makes a lot of sense. Most of his art has a bulky feel to, bulky and bold. Most Germanic art and culture/language feels and looks that way to me. I’ve never been to Germany but I’ve taken German classes for five years now and I’ve seen/heard a lot of their language and culture.
He honestly looks like a guy who is just having fun. I could imagine a lot of his ideas coming from a “what if?” statement.


Then there are pieces like these that make you think and imagine different possibilities.  These pieces appear to be more balanced and thought out.


It seems as he worked on art he looked for newer technology and more complicated ways to express his art.  He really uses the skills he used in school and the further studies on technology to compliment his work.  He even works with the lasers themselves (outside of TV’s) to create art.  I think some of his most striking work comes from his political art.



ABC Entrance


A:  Digital Art can be any form of art made with digital technology.  Any creative action that is taken to create something digitally.

B:  Some defining features of digital art is that it is digital and it is the creation of something with limitation to only their imagination.  an Advantage of digital art is that people have access to many tools they might not have in real life as well as an infinite amount of materials.  The only limit is yourself, how resourceful you are and how much you may or may not understand about the software you are using.  Yes, some of the software used to create digital art is expensive but if someone intends to make a lot of art it is actually cheaper in the long run.  I think one of the biggest limitations in digital art is actually one’s own imagination, practically anything anyone can imagine can be created with the skill and know how!

C:  Some examples of digital art I found scouring the web:

I chose the first image because I love landscape art and ideas people have of other worlds.  The second image I chose because of the topics and contrast it holds, light vs dark, corruption, life, and how it is a message or rather a call for change.  Lastly, the third image is a common creature in a situation that you would simply never see in real life. A bear with blue fur carrying a village upon its back.

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