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I originally prepared 12 minutes worth of content, uploading that much content, however, was a problem.  So I had to remove all but three of my games and clip out most of the spaces between action.  I chose the funnier moments to keep because it is moments like those that keep bringing me back to this game.  I play this game often and is probably the only game I can fit in year round, even during school.  My closest and best friends from high school play this game with me.  This game is always changing, each patch brings something new to look for.  Reworks give us something to experiment with, for we absolutely love breaking meta.  Another thing about the League of Legends, it’s the league world doesn’t only exist on the fields you play in for most league players; the lore, mini-games, and community all bring it to life.  For those who pay attention to the extras, League is much more engaging, using rivalries, alliances, champion specific taunts and dialogs between each other!

If you want to see the content I would have included in this video check these out

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