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Week Five Summary


I believe my work for the final project was very well done, I put many hours into it.  I woke up early every morning to work on the story, and I never left the house.  I wish I had the whole week to work on it, because I had so many character I wanted to introduce and describe.  If I had the whole week the largest section would have been in the airship describing the travels and duties he had to preform while getting ready for the war.  The war itself would have been longer as well.  I feel satisfied with how I adapted the story to meet the deadline.  I admit, figuring out what to do for the video and visual requirements was difficult since the setting was in a fantasy world I created myself.  I have a full page of scenes I had to take out so that I could finish the product on time. I used the same techniques from movie maker and audacity as I used in the previous weeks, so I do have tutorials for all the tools I used while making this story.   While creating this story I went through many names, I eventually used this site to help me pick out names for all my characters.

final project

Daily Create

for this daily create I put a Rose in the Mystery Machine and made a pun about roots.

A final farewell and good wishes to all.