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A:  Digital Art can be any form of art made with digital technology.  Any creative action that is taken to create something digitally.

B:  Some defining features of digital art is that it is digital and it is the creation of something with limitation to only their imagination.  an Advantage of digital art is that people have access to many tools they might not have in real life as well as an infinite amount of materials.  The only limit is yourself, how resourceful you are and how much you may or may not understand about the software you are using.  Yes, some of the software used to create digital art is expensive but if someone intends to make a lot of art it is actually cheaper in the long run.  I think one of the biggest limitations in digital art is actually one’s own imagination, practically anything anyone can imagine can be created with the skill and know how!

C:  Some examples of digital art I found scouring the web:

I chose the first image because I love landscape art and ideas people have of other worlds.  The second image I chose because of the topics and contrast it holds, light vs dark, corruption, life, and how it is a message or rather a call for change.  Lastly, the third image is a common creature in a situation that you would simply never see in real life. A bear with blue fur carrying a village upon its back.

Nam June Paik

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