Chris M.


I love his three-panel bird installation.  Birth – body disintegrating into birds.  Critique/being picked apart – birds coming down and out to attack you.  Transcendence – sprout giant wings.  Chris works with VR technology for some of his projects making them interactive.  He has a wide variety of motion pictures, some animated and some live action.  “Rome” is an animated music video that tells a story.  This video has a lot of symbolism and the story does not tie up until the very end.  Other videos he has made tell stories that come from his own life and the supplement of his commentary makes the reason for the video very clear and interesting as it sheds some light on the artist’s childhood.  Chris has also done some photography for famous figures and just in his daily life.  Chris effectively goes from flat still images, to moving images, to three-dimensional work.  I find this refreshing as you see multiple forms of art from one artist instead of the capitalization on one form of art.

His collaborative storytelling experiment “THIS EXQUISITE FOREST 2012” sounds and looks really fun! Starting a seed animation or just being apart of the process just sounds like fun.  The little examples and samples are fun to watch.  It might start out as something simple and evolves into something bizarre or the object will turn to do actions you wouldn’t initially expect.

milk forest

milk in rome

milky mouse

milky portraits

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