Digi Final


What it feels like:


Before the Beginning:


had to lower the pixel count for the whole gif so it might look a tiny bit choppy but here it is


I used piskel to create the animations.  I like using piskel because it allows me to be very precise and I have previous experience using it for other projects in the past.

time:  8hrs of drawing and prep, 15hrs of animation, 1hr 45min sifting through video and picking out audio snips to use, 1hr 30min thinking  1hr 30min video editing

I would draw my basic shapes and outlines for people first.  I would use these as a reference to keep smaller details (especially the faces) uniform.


I would also block out pieces of animation to be made on paper


this was the beginning of the klax scene

Moving to Piksel I would resize my canvas by pressing the resize button:    Then I would set the specs 1028 by 1028:

I used this size because I wanted my animations to look cleaner and less blocky.


Then I would start with the basic outline of the characters in the scene:


Then I would start to layer on the details from basic to fine until finished.

(below is part of the basic layer)

After I get all the details done in the first frame I need to work on movement.  For most movement I utilize the lasso tool:   Then I choose the area I want to move and select it with the lasso tool:

Then I hold shift and drag the selected area to the desired area:

after I move a selected area it leaves an area of transparency so I need to fill that in.  To do this I use my color palette that piskel sets up as colors are being used for each frame:

Doing this I can easily and quickly choose the color I used before.

Then for shapes that repeat in an animation, I use the lasso tool again to copy and paste sections:

once I select an area with the selection tool, it selects the same area on all frames

here is the area I wish to change:

now I go to a different frame:

I like this shape so I hold ctrl + c to copy it. Then I go back to the frame I am currently changing and hold ctrl + v to paste:

This is done after a couple frames of making new shapes for this spot so there is variation.

I do not recommend piskel for big projects such as this.  Sprites and animations can easily become too large for piskel to handle as I learned this week.  You may notice a lack of animation in this piece.  If something is too large for piskel to process it will either crash or fail to save properly.  I had two major animation pieces that did not make it because of this.  I then used the closest thing to movie maker I could find since I found movie maker is no longer on the computer I use to edit videos.  I apologize for the watermarks, the software does that automatically after you export for unpaid users.


Chris M.

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