Jason S.


Jason has intense variety.  He uses the idea of many pictures, objects, and or ideas melding into one, he uses averaging often in his work.  In “The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967 ”  in 1998 he took the graduating photos from a yearbook and applied his own custom averaging process to create one picture, which was the average of the whole graduating class.  He once did an installation where someone would put a video in a made device and the TV would show the average color as the video played.  He takes advantage of color, and everything you can do with it, he has many works that show and use color to show something other than just a hue. In some of his work, it is the absence of color that sets the mood.  He takes advantage of tone and what it can do for a piece.  He has more somber pieces that exhibit bones or breaks in the paintings.  I like the diversity of his work.  Some pieces he posted to his website look like they were made just for fun and not to be taken too seriously, yet other pieces of his work can be heavy hitting and dramatic.  Then he has some nice pieces that are just nice to look at, pieces I could see in a showing with the wealthy browsing around looking for a new centerpiece and so forth.

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