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He has done a lot of interesting video work.  He also worked on multiple movies during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.   He is very proficient in layer work.  His megaplexes are just layers and layers of gifs, as many gifs as one could fit in one area and still make sense.  He uses colors and tints to his advantage, the colors he uses help tell the story or mood he is trying to display.  I think this is most utilized in his piece “Civilization” it has very clear boundaries were one layer/section of the story ends and the other begins.  The beginning is dark, red, and has a lot of symbolic religious images both what you would think of when you think of holy and unholy (more unholy in the first section) as the video moves up the colors become brighter and hold more images of science and advancement.  I love all the variety of references in his works, especially in his megaplex “Creation.”  He uses a lot of gifs from classic movies that can range to connect with a large audience.  All of his megaplexes hold a different style in the creation and implementation of ideas.  Some are very linear and the other is not, but even when multiple are linear one exhibits clear boundaries while the other one has very smooth transitions, gifs moving in and out between sections(Evolution).  He has done other work besides movies and megaplexes such as the video getaway and APOLLO XVIII.  I believe APOLLO XVIII is his most recent work and it played on monitors in New York.  APOLLO XVIII is very different from what he has done before; instead of the message being brought across by layers of different pictures and gifs, it is more the layering of audio that makes the piece.  This is the only work I have found where you have to have the audio for impact, the other still have an impact if you were to watch them without audio, even the getaway video works without sound.

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