Nam June Paik


He is considered the father of video art. He uses technology to make art, and the further you look the better it gets. he has created many different and unique pieces.  This creative art style started after he went to Germany. Looking at his art the fact that he went to school in Germany for the arts makes a lot of sense. Most of his art has a bulky feel to, bulky and bold. Most Germanic art and culture/language feels and looks that way to me. I’ve never been to Germany but I’ve taken German classes for five years now and I’ve seen/heard a lot of their language and culture.
He honestly looks like a guy who is just having fun. I could imagine a lot of his ideas coming from a “what if?” statement.


Then there are pieces like these that make you think and imagine different possibilities.  These pieces appear to be more balanced and thought out.


It seems as he worked on art he looked for newer technology and more complicated ways to express his art.  He really uses the skills he used in school and the further studies on technology to compliment his work.  He even works with the lasers themselves (outside of TV’s) to create art.  I think some of his most striking work comes from his political art.



ABC Entrance
Sara Ludy

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