Takeshi M.


All his prints are of good quality and well made; they are thought out pieces.  His videos remind me of things made in SOURCE.  They often feel abstract and bazaar until the conclusions.  In his OM Rider video, you can see he puts a lot of effort into the faces and characters being detailed.  Then you go to his Popeye videos and it is the opposite almost, everything is very exaggerated just like the Popeye show, but it is kind of off-putting in a way.  I feel like since I have seen what the original Popeye looks like and how he goes into action the way he is animated in Takeshi’s short films just feels wrong.  I felt disturbed watching them.  It is fun how he twists the story arc of the characters but it still feels wrong in the end.



OM Rider 



Magical Owl

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