Wafaa B.


He takes a lot of current events and problems taking place in Iraq and puts them into his work.  He deals with day to day life and the misfortunes of war and controversies.  Once in protest to the war, he confined himself to a small room in a gallery.  While he was confined he could be shot at by a remote-controlled paintball gun, anyone on the internet could shoot him.  This was a statement against the remote-controlled missiles that were being shot at people in Iraq by people who were not in Iraq.  He did this having lost friends and family to war.  He then made a game  Night of Bush Capturing: Virtual Jihadi which is an altered version of Quest for Bush were Waffaa was portrayed as a suicide bomber with Bush as the target.  He did this to open the eyes of many to travesties caused by the war and stereotypes cast on his people.  He even went so far as to conduct a social experiment in New York called Dog or Iraqi, where the people got to choose who was waterboarded, the dog or Wafaa.  They chose Waffa to get waterboarded.  I think his pieces are very thought out and have great personal meaning to him.  It also helps open the eyes of people who are not Iraqi who often stereotype them.  It helps his people to be seen in a different light.  I think some of his pieces are very powerful especially the confinement room and the Dog are Iraqi.



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