Weekly Summaries



The weeks are flying by!


Week 1

Setting up the Domain was definitely harder than setting up simple social media accounts.  Posting on the different sites however, has been difficult.  I simply don’t know what to post about, especially since they are for the class.  I like keeping it simple and only related to the class.  However, that leaves me with a lack of postage and little to no traffic.  So, something I will be working on is posting more often and trying to relate it to the class.  That way I can get more traffic, that will eventually lead to my website, for the class.


Customizing my blog was fun and tedious.  It took three hours finding and fixing images so that the words in the background were readable.  Looking at all the features available to me as well as unavailable, gave me insights on how far you can go with WordPress.  Most of it is confusing to me, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.  My biggest problem right now is Flickr I couldn’t find the widget for Flickr in any of the bundles I downloaded, I plan on figuring it out during week two.



Photo Safari on Flickr:


Photo Reflections:



Daily Creates:




Visual Assignments:





This first week has given me the impression that it is more digital media than it is digital storytelling.  I know we are still telling stories and doing so in many different ways, but I feel like this course revolves more around social media than it does developing stories.  That is just my first impression, I am excited to start on the final project.  This first week has been a real time crunch for me, working with family outside from dusk till dawn. Can't wait to get back home to Virgina and dedicate more time to this class.


Week 2

The Vignelli Canon has taught me that a design should be bold and solid.  It should be disciplined, not sloppy, pragmatic and useful rather than useless.  Discipline is what gives our designs quality.  Using ambiguity to your advantage results in enhancing and or enriching the design, but it can just as easily sink it as it can enhance it.  I also learned that "Design is one," like programming theory applies to any and all programming languages; design discipline applies to all design concepts regardless of style and or intent.  This book also taught me that timelessness in a design is meeting to requirement appropriately, not using recent trends,  Primary shapes and colors help lock in that professional look.  Applying the correct typography to a design  can result in clear concise meaning, wasting no one's time, and above all, endures.  Reading part two helped me to notice how I portion and organize things.  Part two also gave me an idea of how to structure designs in a formal setting and showed me the value of open space.

blog post for above statement


Rhythm:  A cadence is played through the wood, chains, and metal of this structure.  The soft tune of the trees that grow beside it plays on in harmony with the bridge.  Although there is no water, the music flows through the bridge on the tides of time. The patterns that repeat themselves over and over again; each chain link meets at the same corners.  The wood that warps and fades over time come together at the same intervals like a well kept the annual appointment. Even the metal work with its harsh cold metal tones meet in the middle to harmonize with less harsh tones.  Time will see to it that cold song the metal repeats will last much longer than that of the woodwork.  Here the metal is a concert Tuba or double Base in a land of melody instruments.  Like reeds, the wood will mold and break, as mouthpieces rust so will the metal deteriorate, but this happens at a much slower rate.  The trees like a crescendo will keep growing, turning notes from longatos to slurs, to eventually formatos.  Stampeding over the line the trees are kept behind, they will rush to fill the empty space and grow into wild medleys of autumn, equipped with a full orchestra
Recapitulation: each piece of the bridge has a repeating pattern.  Even the trees that grow beside it appear to have a repeating pattern. Although, when autumn falls, the trees won’t have the same pattern as they do in the winter and spring.  The later piece about time is just saying the woodwork on the bridge will lose it’s sense of rhythm faster than the metalwork, and the trees will grow past the line losing their pseudo-pattern as well.


Unity: it gives off that balanced whole look.  It reminds me of fish, like the yin and the yang, circling each other to maintain balance.  The three objects all have a different color, giving it that variety as well as the blend of the three shades each fish has on it as well.  


Dominance:  I took this picture and the intent was for the first eagle to be the obvious pull, catcher for the eye.  Not only is it the closest object, but it is also the focused object.  I took this picture in a way so that views could see the other eagles. The larger eagle lets your eyes follow the line of eagles.


Color: In this Valspar commercial they use the chameleon's ability to change color to draw attention to their product.  Paint being the product, it makes perfect sense to use color to promote their paint.



Different fonts, color, and sizes that all contribute to grabbing your attention!

These pictures on Flickr

Daily Creates:

example Uno

example Zwei

example three

example ceithre

here is another fun one

The fourth one is the feet challenge and it takes you straight to Vimeo.

HERE you can check out today's daily create as well as previous ones.


The Retro 8

CD case front and back. Album idea

Rock the world


are we there yet?


life has a lot of unexpected twists gif (blog post)

mashup gif (blog post)

I feel I completed this week's assignments more proficiently then I did last week.  Last week I did the assignments, as just assignments and that didn't work out to well.  Now I am giving backstory and reasons for the things I am doing.  I feel that doing this will help my narration skills greatly because it forces me to think in a way so that other people can understand what I was thinking when it comes to explaining my actions.  Posting to separate pages and the photostream are still giving trouble.  I have been looking at the FAQs, but so far none of them have answered my questions.  The longest hurdle about this class, for me, is sittiting infront of a computer for so long and trying to ignore my friends and family when they get online.  The servers will be up and everyone is playing and contributing to the server, and I have to shut it out.  I also find myself sitting out on some family activities like hikes and movies while doing work for this class.  When I do go out with friends or family for a long period of time, I come back feeling like I should regret stepping outside because I can't get much work done out there.

Week 3


Daily Creates

Daily Create 1

I used snapchat to complete the guitar face challenge, and I also made myself a guitar out of pizza.

Daily Create 2

Took a picture of a school board, the numbers on the board almost came in the order of 1 6 0.

Daily Create 3

I took three names from the site you provided and chose three people who came from places with red, white, and blue in their flag.

Daily Create 4

I took this picture while hiking, found an example of the Fibonacci sequence in real life.

Daily Create 5

Pikachu is a Pokemon - the way I made this daily create is wrong because, I called pikachu by a different Pokemon.  Then said it was from the digimon series.

Daily Create 6

There are numbered parts in the picture, I chose one going towards the windshield.  I then made the claim that it performed a miracle for the passenger in which it was lodged into.

Daily Create 7

Gave the picture a pre-Mass Effect 3 reference

IRA GLASS and Jad Abumrad videos notes

TED talk radio show observations 

Audio assignments

Morning ease

I imagined the morning of a successful working business woman, and shaped the audio story to fit the image.

House effects

I looked for things in my life that may be different than others and put those sounds in the story.


1st comment

Thanked her for showing me something I’ve never seen before and told her to keep up the good work

2nd comment

He showed me that I could edit photos in such a way that I thought not possible using PowerPoint.

3rd comment

I commented on his layering, and how it how one moment in particular would've flowed better, but over all it was a great piece of work

4th comment

She showed me something new as well, I showed my appreciation.

I observed many audio techniques through the links you provided and the videos shared; as well as, finding resources on my own.  I enjoyed this section, listening to broadcasts and actively listening for the different techniques and styles.

Audio things learned:

Foley sound - sound effects made to a pre-recorded piece.  

Crossfade - space between audio clips

“Hitting the post” - talking over a track just until the vocal start (without talking over the vocals)

Drive time - when people are commuting(most likely listening to radio)

HD Radio - the technology used for HD Radio stations, transmits digital data alongside existing AM and FM analog signals

Dead air - unintended interruption of the audio signal during a broadcast.

Kilohertz - a measure of frequency = 1,000 cycles per second.

Aircheck -  demonstration recording intended to show off a announcer or programmer

Dayparting - dividing the day into several parts for the broadcast

Billboard - A short announcement to identify a sponsor at the beginning or end

I feel like I successfully completed the requirements for these assignments.  Finding information using the radio glossary was not very successful, I found other ways to learn the terms.  What I would do differently, would be to create some songs of my own and put them out for the assignments.  I wrote a radio play for this class, but had no idea what to do with it.  I decided not to post it because it gets quite gruesome near the end.  I finally got working on different pages down!

Week 4


Ebert + video notes

Three views of a scene

Video Assignments:

League Moments

How to Shuffle

What I did to complete these assignments

Daily Creates:

Daily Create 1 :
Three things that make me happy, halo, league of legends, and Minecraft
Daily Create 2:
Story of a construction worker that works for his family’s well-being
Daily Create 3:
Are you in a bad situation? Make words up so you can talk your way out of that bad situation!
Daily Create 4 :
Drawing of a zen garden, it uses gravel in the main walking area.


1rst Comment:

I commented on the different angles she used in her critique.

2nd Comment:

I commented on her video, talked about the camera angle and her speech volume versus her music volume.

3rd Comment:

Commented on her typography.

4rth Comment:

Commented on her tutorial and clip selection

End of week reflection:

I ran into a storage problem while trying to complete this week.  I had used too much of my disk space, and it told me I had to delete content because I had no space to add anything.  I tried to embed my videos at first, but it just wasn’t possible, it refused to save because of how much space I have already used.  I have to keep a close eye on how much space I use.  When I went to edit my website, I couldn’t even get into the editor.  I had to go in manually and remove folders I wasn’t using.  Lesson learned, keep a clean workspace, especially in the virtual world, space is limited.

I edited videos for hours on end, I worked really hard for these videos, so I feel satisfied with the work I’ve done.  If I were to do anything differently, it would have been to use youtube instead of Vimeo, for better quality and larger uploads.  These assignments gave me the most trouble I have had in these past four weeks.  I had to save the movies three different times because they exceed the limit for both vimeo and the website, and not being able to edit my website for a short time due to disk usage was stressing.  I'm glad I got past it, I learned from it.  If I didn't get past it, I would most definitely fail this course, since I would no longer be able to make posts.

Week 5


I believe my work for the final project was very well done, I put many hours into it.  I woke up early every morning to work on the story, and I never left the house.  I wish I had the whole week to work on it, because I had so many character I wanted to introduce and describe.  If I had the whole week the largest section would have been in the airship describing the travels and duties he had to preform while getting ready for the war.  The war itself would have been longer as well.  I feel satisfied with how I adapted the story to meet the deadline.  I admit, figuring out what to do for the video and visual requirements was difficult since the setting was in a fantasy world I created myself.  I have a full page of scenes I had to take out so that I could finish the product on time. I used the same techniques from movie maker and audacity as I used in the previous weeks, so I do have tutorials for all the tools I used while making this story.   While creating this story I went through many names, I eventually used this site to help me pick out names for all my characters.

final project

Daily Create

for this daily create I put a Rose in the Mystery Machine and made a pun about roots.

A final farewell and good wishes to all.